Deep Tissue


This treatment will focus on stretching and manipulating of sore or overused muscles.  Heat and essential oils will be applied and the massage techniques will be more intense with a focus on breaking down scar tissue in the muscles.  Firm pressure and muscle manipulation will achieve the best results.  Deep tissue massage is recommended to treat injuries, prevent injuries and to provide a balanced body.

Back Walking


Lay down on our massage bed and enjoy a new experience as one of our masseuses dances on your back.  Traditionally trained, their ballet is the perfect mixture of pressure and movement. 

Relaxation Massage


Flowing massage techniques are used to relieve stress and tension.  Hot Stones and essential oils will be used with a lighter touch by the therapist.  You will feel relaxed with little muscle soreness following the massage.

Thai Massage


Thai massage or Thai Yoga massage is an ancient healing system combining acupressure and assisted yoga postures.  You will remain clothed during the treatment and your body will be compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked by the therapist.  Thai massage provide a sense of well being and will relax and relieve aching muscles while increasing circulation in your system.

Cupping Therapy


Traditional Chinese Cupping therapy has been practiced for over 3,000 years.  Vacuum cups are placed on targeted areas.  The vacuum creates suction to treat pain, breaking up deep scar tissues in the muscles, connective tissues and muscle knots.  The therapist will move the cups around the problem areas to manipulate a muscle and then leave them in place for several minutes.  Cupping is typically used on the back, neck and shoulders.  Some bruising is not unusual and will fade after a few days.

Facial Massage / Skin Treatment


A facial massage stimulates the blood vessels and improves the blood circulation.  These effects help to maintain healthy and younger looking skin.  The therapist will use skin care products designed specifically for men to enhance and revitalize your complexion.  You will feel refreshed and invigorated after a professional facial.

Ear Cleaning


In China, ear cleaning is not just a necessity for hygiene; the process is considered by many as an enjoyment.  We  use tools including wires and metal tongs for removing earwax.